The Missile review by our number one fan!

The missile comes in four sizes, here I have the Large which measures in at 31.5cm long and 7.8cm in diameter at the widest point. This is a toy I use when I am really in the mood for some butt destruction, personally I find it gets my hole swollen and blooming with ease.

The missile has a cone shaped tip before you work your way down the shaft and experience no less than 6 ridges on the large. It feels awesome working it in and out slowly, but even better thrusting it in and out at speed. The sensation the ridges cause as each one pulls your butt out and then feeling it again when it gets thrusted back in, it genuinely sends me into a drooling mess. It truly is a weapon of butt destruction, kind of apt that it's called a missile

The missile is made of Phthalate free vinyl which is soft, strong and has a very pleasant rubbery smell to it. Its compatible with water, silicone and oil based lubes such as X-lube, crisco and elbow grease. So you can lube up with your lube of choice and enjoy the sensations of the missile working your hole over good.

James Oakleigh

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