Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay the VAT / GST?

Only if you are a resident in the UK, do we then charge VAT. 

We do not charge VAT or GST on our site when you're buying from abroad, such as the USA, Europe etc. 


Why does your website show two prices?

As we are a UK company, we have to show prices with VAT / Sales tax. But we also sell internationally, so the tax is not charged.

For instance:

£16.66 GBP- excl VAT / Tax, means this is an export price

£19.99 GBP - incl VAT / Tax, means this is the price for UK residents and tax is charged


Brexit & Duties for Europe

As the UK has left the EU, you may be liable for a small charge for VAT  or customs duties when your order enters your country, how much depends on the country you are in. Consult your tax office for more information. 

This is usually arranged by the courier will invoice you for the duties. 


Duties for the USA

You do not have to pay import duties when goods arrive in the USA. Import duties are only payable of the value of the goods exceeds $800.00


How does your currency converter work?

The feature is there to help foreign customers see pricing in their own currency. The prices shown is converted from that days currency rates. When checking out, the final amount is in £ Sterling, as we are a UK company. But you are still charged the correct amount. 

So for instance, if an item is listed in GBP £36 and you've toggled the convertor to show prices in $, converted to USD its $50.00. On checkout, is reverts back to £, so its still £36 which is rough equal to $50.00. Shipping is added on checkout. 


What courier do you use?

We currently use Fedex, its a better service as they handle the delivery from door to door, minimising parcels being lost by being handed over to other parcel companies. Shipping is calculated and added on at checkout.

If you request for the your item to be left on the step, shed, bin store etc, we are not liable for it going missing.


How discreet is your packaging?


We send in brown boxes or postal tubes, we don't use postal envelopes which can reveal what the item is when feeling it.

We put the sender down as European Personal Mouldings (EPM), we don't mention Crackstuffers at all.

The contents are marked as 'Plastic PVC Mouldings'.


Can you ship to my country?

We ship all over world, and most countries are listed. However if its not, let us know and we will add it. 


Why are they blue?

Blue makes us stand out from other companies. This Blue is carried through to all our branding, and its a toy that customer remember. When you're at a party and someone brings out the blue toy, you will always remember that. Also Blue is the hanky code for F**king.  


What are your toys made of?

We have two materials.

The one is non allergenic vinyl. They are soft and warm, plus they are compatible with water, silicone and oil based lubes. They do not contain Phthalates. 

The other is Platinum Silicone, food grade. These toys are compatible with all lube types. 


How long till you dispatch my order?

We aim to dispatch your order straight away, this is often same day or next day, or on the first the working day of the week if your order is placed over a weekend. However we always aim to dispatch your order within two weeks. 

Orders can sometimes take a little longer if don't have enough stock, but we are always in production. 

A couple of times a year we may be closed for a week or so, but your order will be sent out straight away on our return. 


Is my item in stock?

We have all our Crackstuffers toys in stock so we can dispatch ASAP to you. Sometimes though there is a small delay as we may have run low, but don't worry, we are always in production.


How long does it take for the courier to deliver to me?

For UK orders, it takes 48hours from when its been collected to be delivered to you. When you place your order the confirmation page tells you thats its on a 48hour service. PLEASE NOTE: This is the delivery time in transit, you are not paying to have it dispatched to you within 48hours.

For European orders, it takes 2-3days.

For USA & Canada orders, its takes 4-5 days, but sometimes it can be held up whilst clearing customs.

For elsewhere in the world, it takes 4-6 days, there can sometimes be delays whilst clearing customs.


Can you ship to a PO Box?

Unfortunately we can't, the courier has to deliver to a physical address, but rest assured that our packaging is discreet.


Can you send using Royal Mail?

We prefer not to, as there is no post office near us, plus there is a weight limit set by them for international orders, and our toys are often over that weight. Royal Mail also hands it over to a local courier in your country, and this is when parcels usually get lost. 


Where can I see your toys?

Its best to email us so we can tell you who in your area may have them in stock.



The measurements on the website is a guide, as there are slight fluctuations due to the item being hand made, as the toy is cast, you get some slight shrinkage, but its very slight.